There’s a new librarian in town

The journey began about a year ago.  My principal sent out an email asking if anyone was interested in applying for the librarian job.  I first deleted the email.  I was a  math teacher and liked what I did, for the most part.  There were a few things that I would change or maybe I had been a math teacher for so long that I was ready for a change.  So I found the email and responded that I was interested.  I really thought it was a long shot being that I was a math teacher and it is hard to find new math teachers.  And the job would start in January 2016 and finding a math teacher in the middle of the year is even harder.  But I think that my background helped me get the job and one very special teacher.  I had worked in a public library throughout high school and college and my mom is a librarian.  I also have a background in computers and technology plays a huge part in this new job.  And I also believe that one special teacher told my principal that I was perfect for the job.  I really have no idea what the real reason is that I got the job but I am so blessed that I was given this chance.  I am excited about all the changes I am  going to but into place.

I did start in January but I really count August 2016 as my starting date.  I bumbled around during Spring 2016 and found my footing once the new school year started.  This Fall semester I have done a lot of work already.  I have moved bookshelves around and reorganized where fiction, nonfiction, and reference is located.  I have even finished inventory on nonfiction.  All of this work would not have been completed without the help of my wonderful Library Pages.


About acuteangle89

I am blessed to be the new librarian at Southaven High School. I taught math at SHS since 2003 and in 2016 became the librarian. I am going to use this blog to document my transition into this new and exciting part of my life.
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