Standards Based Grading

I have been doing alot of blog reading since Thanksgiving.  I am teaching a new prep this semester and wanted something new to try.  I had read about SBG last summer but really started looking into it recently.  Well, I just gave my first assessment and it went great!

My first assessment (ASM) consisted of one thought provoking question from each lesson I have taught so far.  I told my class they will have an ASM every Thursday.  So Thursday night I didn’t grade their ASMs but I circled mistakes that they made.  On Friday I gave them a blank copy of Thursday’s ASM (shrunk onto one piece of paper).  We worked the entire thing together as a class.  I then gave them back their ASM’s that I had circled mistakes on.  (I also told them to put their pencils away so no one was tempted to change answers).  On notebook paper, using a pen, they had to explain to me why they got the problem wrong.  Then using a rubric I gave them, they had to tell me how many points they earned for each question.  This weekend I am going over their explanations and putting grades in my gradebook.  One grade for each question. We use PowerTeacher at my school and it automatically gives me a class average for each question.  I will use that info to reteach this coming week and put re-assessment questions on their next ASM.


About acuteangle89

I am blessed to be the new librarian at Southaven High School. I taught math at SHS since 2003 and in 2016 became the librarian. I am going to use this blog to document my transition into this new and exciting part of my life.
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